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The need to protect the environment arises from its "scarcity" to supply the goods and services demanded by society. Economics is the science that provides optimum guides for the management of the "scarcity". Therefore, the economic logic is a powerful instrument for the management and protection of the environment.

The Research Group "Economics for a Sustainable Environment" aims to continue the interdisciplinary work started by their members some years ago. Through a synthesis of analytical categories of ecological and economical nature, they have developed and applied operational methods for a sustainable environmental management.

This Research Group was officially recognized by the Technical University of Madrid ("Universidad Politécnica de Madrid", UPM) in the first call of Research Groups in November of 2004. Since then, and following internal UPM’s rankings, ECSEN always figured in the top quartile within about 200 existing Research Groups.



At the moment, the Research Group includes 10 professors and associate professors all of them belonging to Technical University of Madrid (UPM), as well as 4 post-doctoral, pre-doctoral and external researchers. In the links below it has prepared an access to the individual web pages of the permanent members of the Group.



Carlos Romero Casimiro Herruzo Antonio Prieto Luis Díaz

Associate/Assistant Professors

Jose Antonio Saiz Jacinto Gonzalez Jose Alfonso Dominguez Marta Berrocal Lobo

Carlos Calderón Carlos Iglesias

Post-Graduate Grant Fellows

Roberto Voces

Pre-Graduate Grant Fellows

Marta Ezquerro Silvana Ribeiro Pedro Henrique Belavenutti

External Researchers

Luiz Carlos Estraviz Rodriguez


The Research Group "Economics for a Sustainable Environment" comprises a team of 14 researchers , developing the following research lines.

The Research Group "Economics for a Sustainable Environment", with the research work of its members, is currently developing 16 lines of research, and responsible researcher whose title below.

team 1

Carlos Romero López - Professor

Decision theory

team 1

Antonio Casimiro Herruzo - Professor

Economic analysis of the forestry sector.

Economic and Management of game species.

team 1

Antonio Prieto Rodríguez - Professor

Forest planning

team 1

Luis Díaz Balteiro - Professor

Forest valuation.

Sustainable forest management

team 1

Jose Antonio Sáiz de Omeñaca - Associate Professor

Sustainable urban forestry

team 1

Jacinto González Pachón - Associate Professor

Social choice

team 1

José Alfonso Domínguez Núñez - Associate Professor

Sustainable Tropical Agroforestry Systems.

Tree-Microbe Interactions.

team 1

Marta Berrocal Lobo - Associate Professor

Sustainable agroforestry production

Plant response to biotic stress and molecular effect on protein translation

Carlos Iglesias

Carlos Iglesias Merchán - Assistant Professor

Bioacoustics and environmental noise management.

Environmental monitoring and EIA follow-up of anthropogenic impacts

team 1

Roberto Voces González - Researcher

Sustainable Wood-based industries

team 1

Marta Ezquerro García - Pre-Graduate Grant Fellow

Forest management and biodiversity

team 1

Silvana Ribeiro Nobre - Pre-Graduate Grant Fellow

Forest plantations

Decision Support Systems

team 1

Pedro Henrique Belavenutti- Pre-Graduate Grant Fellow

Forest plantations

team 1

Luiz Carlos Estraviz Rodriguez- Associate Researcher

Forest Management and Valuation

Forest Mensuration with LiDAR Tecnologies


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  • email: gi.ecsen@upm.es
  • Postal Address:
  • Grupo de investigación de Economía y Sostenibilidad del Medio Natural.
  • Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Montes
  • Ciudad Universitaria s/n
  • 28040 Madrid

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