Antonio Casimiro Herruzo Martínez

Prof. A. Casimiro Herruzo (Ph.D)

Department of Forestry Economics and Management

Forestry School

Technical University of Madrid


E.T.S. Ingenieros de Montes

Ciudad Universitaria s/n





Teaching activities


Principles of Economics

Environmental and Forestry Economics

Research: Areas of interest

Economic analysis of the forestry sector

Economic and management of game species

Recent selected publications

Martínez-Jauregui M., Herruzo AC., Campos P., 2015. What does hunting market price reflect? The role of species, landscape and management. Wildlife Research, 42: 280-289

Alfranca, O., Voces, R., Herruzo, A.C., Díaz-Balteiro, L. 2014.. Effects of innovation on European wood industry structure. Forest Policy and Economics 40:40-47.

Martínez-Jauregui M., Pardos M., Balogh P., Chauvin C., Klopcic M.., Wilhelmsson E., Herruzo A.C.. 2014. Hunting in European mountain systems: an economic assessment of game gross margins in nine case study areas. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 60: 933–936.

Martínez-Jauregui M., Herruzo A.C. 2014. A note on the effectiveness of incorporating management objectives with ecological variables when modeling red deer abundance. European Journal of Wildlife Research 60: 511-517.

Herruzo A.C., Martínez-Jáuregui M. 2013. Trends in hunters, hunting grounds and big game harvest in Spain. Forest Systems 22 (1): 114-122.