Marta Berrocal Lobo

Graduated in Biological Sciences in 1996, Final Project (Thesis modality) CIB, CSIC, Madrid 1997, PhD, Biotechnology, E.T.S.I.Agrónomos 2002, Special Award for Best Thesis UPM-2002. Postdocs: (1) Carnegie Institution of Washington, Plant Biology Dpt., Stanford University, CA, USA. Stanford contract 2002-2003 and scholarship from the Spanish Ministry (MECD/Fullbright) 2003-2004. Shauna Somerville´s lab. (2) CNB, CSIC, Plant Genetics Dpt. 2005-2007 Madrid. Carmen Castresana. (3) CBGP (UPM-INIA). researcher. Dept. Biotechnology. 2007-2017IP ETSIMontes, since 2017. Laboratory of Bioproducts, Biopesticides, Epigenetics and Phytopathology, Dpt. Systems and Natural Resources. Coordinator of 5 teaching projects at the UPM, Virtual Laboratories, and Inter-centre Projects (2010-2013). GIE-UPM Coordinator (2010-present). IP 2 EAFRD R+D+i projects. Community of Madrid, Innovation Checks Program. IP of 10 R+D+i projects with companies (income greater than 360,000 euros 2018-2022)
Work supervision: 17 PFC and PFM, 1 directed doctoral thesis (2017), 1 Industrial Doctorate (MICINN Scholarship, in process), 1 International Doctorate (International Scholarship, in process), 1 National Doctorate (UPM Contract, in process).
1 national patent with a previous examination in 2016, licensed and extended in 2017. 42 posts. 26 works indexed in JCR. Various chapters of books Elsevier, Springer.
A regular reviewer at New Phytologist, PLOsOne, Planta, Journal of Experimental Botany, Frontiers in Plant Science (editorial team since 2017), Guest Editor (Genes 2021 and IJMS 2022).
Participation as a researcher in 20 National and International research projects (including National Science Foundation, European Union and ERC-Starting Grant). 2 Technology Transfer Agreements with companies (MTA, Fertibera S.A and Plant Response Biotech S.L). Collaborating companies: Biosum-Brandon Bioscience S.A, Zoitech S.L., Arquimea Agrotech S.L, Tragsa, La Serrota S.L, Satecma S.L.
Industrial sector: Study and production of bioproducts, plant biostimulants, and biopesticides, and revaluation of natural products derived from industry for agricultural and forestry purposes.

Research areas:  Studies of the plant molecular and physiological response to high-impact phytopathogens, bioproducts, and biopesticides in herbaceous, forestry, and plant crop systems of Agro-forestry interest.
Keywords: "Biopriming", Bioproducts, Biopesticides, Epigenetics, Phytopathology

1. Current position
Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Plant Biotechnology, Chemistry

Starting date 2017

Technical University of Madrid (UPM)

Systems and Natural Resources Dpt.

Center for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development (CBDS-UPM)
Keywords: Plant Phytopathology; Plant biotechnology; Biopesticides; Biopolymers; Bioproducts

2. Previous positions
Period Job Title / Name of Employer / Country
Researcher and Associate Professor at CBGP (UPM-INIA, 2007-2017). Biotechnology Degree.
Contract researcher / Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CSIC) (2005-2007)
Research Scientist_MICINN Fellow / Carnegie Institution of Washington, Plant. Dpt. Stanford University, CA, USA (2002-2004)
Predoctoral student / Agronomist Engineering Scholl, Biotechnology Dpt. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (1998-2002), Best pHD Award 2002 at UPM
Master Degree / Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas (CSIC), Madrid, Spain (1996-1998)

3. Education
Degree in Biology (Biochemistry), UCM, Madrid, Spain 1996
Master Degree CIB, CSIC, Madrid 1996-1998
PhD program: Ciencias Biomédicas y Biotecnológicas ETSIAgrónomos (UPM) / Spain 2002/Best UPM Award 1998-20023.

4. General quality indicators of scientific production (last 5 years)

3 recognized six-year terms (Active since July 2018) 3 Quinquenniums
1 Thesis directed 2017 / 18 TFG, 1 Industrial Thesis (Scholarship 2019- ), 1 International Thesis
(Scholarship 2020-), 1 National Thesis (Private contract 2021-) Indicators according to Web of Science 2022
JCR publications (scientific articles only): 26
Total posts: 50
h-index: 17
Total number of times cited without own citations: 1675 Indicators Google Scholar 2022
Posts: 33
Citations: 2610
h-index: 17
i10-index :21

5. Web CV Science links:

6. Research Publications (Selected Last 5 years)

1 Scientific paper. 2022. Kesraoui S, Andrés MF, Berrocal-Lobo M, Soudani S, Gonzalez-Coloma A. Direct and Indirect Effects of Essential Oils for Sustainable Crop Protection. Plants. Plants (Basel). 2022 Aug 18;11(16):2144. doi: 10.3390/plants11162144.
2 Scientific paper. Soudani, S; Poza-Carrion, C; Gomez, ND...[et al.]. (6/). 2022. Essential Oils Prime Epigenetic and Metabolomic Changes in Tomato Defense Against Fusarium oxysporum. Frontiers In Plant Science. Frontiers Media S.A.. 13. ISSN 1664-462X.
3 Scientific paper. Alfonso Muñoz. 2021. The co-chaperone HOP3 participates in jasmonic acid signaling by regulating CORONATINE-INSENSITIVE 1 activity. Plant Physiology. 187-3, pp.1679-1689.
4 Scientific paper. 2020. eIF2α Phosphorylation by GCN2 Is Induced in the Presence of Chitin and Plays an Important Role in Plant Defense against B. cinerea Infection. International Journal of Molecular Sciences.
5 Scientific paper. Jose María Cano; Marta Berrocal-Lobo; Jose Alfonso Domínguez-Núñez. 2017. Growth of Amanita caesarea in the presence of Pseudomonas fluorescens and Bacillus cereus. Fungal Biology. 121-9, pp.825-833.
6 Scientific paper. Winkler, Alexander J.; Alfonso Dominguez-Nunez, Jose; Aranaz, Inmaculada...[et al.]. (7/7). 2017. Short-Chain Chitin Oligomers: Promoters of Plant Growth. Marine Drugs. MDPI. 15(2). ISSN 1660-3397.
7 Scientific paper. Fernández-Bautista, Nuria; Domínguez-Núñez, José Alfonso; Moreno, M. M...[et al.]. (/4). 2016. Plant Tissue Trypan Blue Staining During Phytopathogen Infection. Bio-Protocol. NIH Public Access. 6(24). ISSN 2331-8325.
8 Scientific paper. Alfonso Dominguez-Nunez, Jose; Delgado-Alvez, Daniel; Berrocal-Lobo, Marta...[et al.]. (3/5). 2015. Controlled-release fertilizers combined with Pseudomonas fluorescens rhizobacteria inoculum improve growth in Pinus halepensis seedlings. Iforest-Biogeosciences And Forestry. The Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology (SISEF). 8, pp.12-18. ISSN 1971-7458. SCOPUS
9 Scientific paper. JA Dominguez-Nuñez; M Medina; M Berrocal-Lobo; A Anriquez; A Albanesi. 2015. The combined effects of Pseudomonas fluorescens CECT 844 and the black truffle co-inoculation on Pinus nigra seedlings. iForest.
10 Book chapter. Dominguez-Nuñez J.A.; Berrocal-Lobo M.(2/ 2). 2021. Application of microorganisms in forest plant. Biofertilizers volume 1: Advances In Bio-Inoculants. Elsevier. pp.265-287. ISBN 9780128216675.
11 Book chapter. 2019. Ectomycorrhizal Fungi: Role as Biofertilizers in Forestry. Biofertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment. Springer, Cham. pp.67-82.
12 Book chapter. Azucena González Coloma; Jose Alfonso Domínguez Núñez; Paz Arraiza; Marta Berrocal Lobo. 2018. Antifungal effect of Essential Oils. IntechOpen 978-953-51-5874-5. IntechOpen.
13 Book chapter. René Toribio; Alfonso Muñoz; Ana B. Castro-Sanz; Alejandro Ferrando; Marta Berrocal-Lobo; Mar Castellano Moreno. 2016. Evolutionary Aspects of Translation Regulation During Abiotic Stress and Development in Plants. Evolution of the Protein Synthesis Machinery and Its Regulation. Springer. pp.477-490. ISBN 978-3-319-39467-1.
14 Book chapter. Jose Alfonso Domínguez-Núñez; Begoña Benito; Marta Berrocal-Lobo; Ada
S. Albanesi. 2016. Mycorrhizal Fungi: Role in the Solubilization of Potassium. Potassium Solubilizing Microorganisms for Sustainable Agriculture. Springer. pp.77-98. ISBN 978-81-322-2776-2.
15 Book chapter. Jose Alfonso Domínguez-Núñez; Marta Berrocal-Lobo; Ada S. Albanesi. 2015. Interaction of Azospirillum and Mycorrhiza. Handbook for Azospirillum. Springer. 514, pp.419-432. ISBN 978-3-319-06541-0.

7. Conferences/Meetings (Last 10 years)
1 Biodiversity on the interaction of Phytophthora cinnamomi Rands phytopathogen with forest and non-forest host. Global Soil Biodiversity Conference Netsob Workshop. FAO. 2023. Ireland.
2 Natural products increasing tomato disease tolerance by epigenetic priming. Natural Products and Biocontrol 2022. 2022. France.
3 Biotechnological approaches making Martian soil useful in agroforestry areas. Biostimulant World Congress. BWC. 2021. Perpignan, France
4 Biotransforming swine slurry with microbial consortiums for Agroforestry purposes. Plant Biology Europe. EPSO, FESP. 2021.
5 Driving sustainable agriculture through innovative bioproducts. Global Biocontrol Summit 2021. Global Biocontrol Summit CSIC. 2021. (Online)
6 Biostimulant analysis. Biostimulant World Congress. BWC. 2019. Spain.
7 BERROCAL LOBO, MARTA. GCN2: A protein kinase necessary for effective defense response against necrotrophic phytopathogen Botrytis cinérea. XIII REUNIÓN DE BIOLOGÍA MOLECULAR DE PLANTAS. Universidad de Oviedo. 2017. Spain. Oral communication. Conference.
8 Activation of plant growth with short-chain Chitin oligomers. VIII Iberoamerican Chitin Symposium. EUCHIS-SIAQ-2017. 2017. Spain.
9 GCN2: A protein kinase necessary for effective defense response against necrotrophic phytopathogen Botrytis cinérea. XIII Reunion de Biología Molecular de Plantas. SEBM. 2016. Spain.
10 Chitin response and Protein translation in plants. MPMI Conference. MPMI. 2014. Rhodes, Greece
11 Inhibición de la traducción proteica en respuesta a quitina en Arabidopsis thaliana. XII Reunión Biología Molecular de Plantas. SEBBM. 2014.

8. Research projects and contracts (Last 10 years)
1 Project. PID2019-106222RB-C31:, New bio-products: Identification, production, and application in plant protection. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. Marta Berrocal Lobo. (ETSIMontes (UPM)-ICA (CSIC)). 2020-2024.
2 Project. B85993483, Determinación del efecto de SUM1701 sobre especies modelo vegetales. Comunidad de Madrid. (ETSIMontes (UPM)). 2018-2019.  €. Principal investigator.
3 Project. B85993483, Testeo de metodologías para el estudio del efecto de Bioestimulantes sobre especies modelo vegetales. Comunidad de Madrid. (ETSIMontes (UPM)). 2017- 2018. Principal investigator.
4 Project. 388792. (P2013200337), Desarrollo de un Test in vitro para la evaluación de la tolerancia a Phytophtora cinnamomi de genotipos de encina. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. Universidades. (ETSIMontes (UPM)). From 2020.  Team member.
5 Project. RTA2013-00027-00-00., Regulación traduccional y abordaje de su potencial tecnológico para mejorar la adaptación de las plantas a estreses bióticos y abióticos. Comunidad de Madrid. (CBGP (UPM)). From 01/01/2014.
6 Contract. “Respuesta molecular vegetal a biotransformadores de suelos" ARQUIMEA INGENIERÍA S.L.. BERROCAL LOBO, MARTA. From 04/01/2022.
7 Contract. “Desarrollo de un mejorador de suelos a partir de la Carbonización Hidrotermal de residuos biológicos. La serrota S.L. From 2022.
8 Contract. Desarrollo de consorcios microbianos para eliminación de algas en embalses de agua de riego Satecma SL. 2021-01/01/2022. 
9 Contract. Desarrollo de un consorcio microbiano para el biocontrol agroforestal ZoitechLab SL. 2021-01/01/2022.
10 Contract. “Consorcios Microbianos con Biopolímeros de interés Agroforestal”(Micropol).
Zoitech S.L ZoitechLab S.L. BERROCAL LOBO, MARTA. From 06/01/2020.
11 Contract. Consorcio microbiano sintético biotransformador de suelos desérticos ZoitechLab. 2020-01/01/2021. 
12 Contract. Valorización de residuos industriales como fuente de compuestos naturales de alto valor añadido en el área agroforestal ZOITECH Lab SL. 2019-01/01/2022. 
13 Contract. Bioestimulantes Naturales basados en polímeros naturales MTA, Fertiberia S.A.
14 Contract. Natural biopolymers as biostimulators (MTA) MTA, Plant Response Biotech S.
L. 2016-01/07/2017.

9. Activities of technology/knowledge transfer and results exploitation

0297904. Oligosaccharides as stimulators of plant growth in already germinated plants and methods for obtaining said oligosaccharides in the United States of America. 18/10/2018. UPM-Univ.Hamburgo.

10. Stays in public or private R&D centers (Last 5 years)
1 Berkeley University, CA, USA. United States of America. Berkeley. 2019-2019. 1 month. Guest.
2 Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA. United States of America. Worcester, Boston, MA. From 01/07/2022. Guest.

11. Educational JCR publications (last 10 years)

1 Scientific paper. 2021. Integrating a dialog system with an intelligent tutoring system for a 3D virtual laboratory. Interactive Learning Environments.
2 Scientific paper. 2019. Visualizing a collective student model for procedural training environments. Multimedia Tools and Applications. 78-8, pp.10983-11010.
3 Scientific paper. Ramirez, Jaime; Rico, Mariano; Riofrio-Luzcando, Diego...[et al.]. (4/5). 2018. Students' Evaluation of a Virtual World for Procedural Training in a Tertiary-Education Course. Journal Of Educational Computing Research. SAGE Publications Inc.. 56(1), pp.23-47. ISSN 0735-6331. SCOPUS (9)

4 Scientific paper. 2017. A Cost-Effective Approach for Procedural Training in VirtualWorlds. Journal of Universal Computer Science. GRAZ UNIV TECHNOLGOY, INST INFORMATION SYSTEMS COMPUTER MEDIA-IICM, INFFELDGASSE 16C, GRAZ,A-8010, AUSTRIA. 23-2, pp.208-232. ISSN 0948-695X.

5 Scientific paper. Riofrio-Luzcando, Diego; Ramirez, Jaime; Berrocal-Lobo, Marta. (3/3). 2017. Predicting Student Actions in a Procedural Training Environment. Ieee
Transactions On Learning Technologies. IEEE. 10(4), pp.463-474. ISSN1939-1382. SCOPUS (10)
6 Abstract Book. Calderon Guerrero, C.; Arraiza Bermudez-Canete, M. P.; Lopez Alvarez, J. V....[et al.]. (4/12). 2013. Results of an innovative educational project for tutoring ofincoming international students. Edulearn10: International Conference On Education And New Learning Technologies. IATED. pp.5942-5951. ISSN 9788-8222. WOS (7)
7 Rico M; Ramírez J; Riofrio D...[et al.]. (4/5). 2012. An architecture for virtual labs in engineering education. Ieee Global Engineering Education Conference, Educon. pp.1-5. ISSN 2165-9567. SCOPUS