Operational Research Techniques Used for Addressing Biodiversity Objectives into Forest Management: An Overview

Oct 17, 2016 - by webmaster

Abstract:The integration of biodiversity into forest management has traditionally been a challenge for many researchers and practitioners. In this paper, we have provided a survey of forest management papers that use different Operations Research (OR) methods in order to integrate biodiversity objectives into their planning models. One hundred and seventy-nine references appearing in the ISI Web of Science database in the last 30 years have been categorized and evaluated according to different attributes like model components, forest management elements, or biodiversity issues.The results show that many OR methods have been applied to deal with this challenging objective.Thus, up to 18 OR techniques, divided into four large groups, which have been employed in four or more articles, have been identified. However, it has been observed how the evolution of these papers in time apparently tended to increase only until 2008. Finally, two clear trends in this set of papers should be highlighted: the incorporation of spatial analysis tools into these operational research models and, second, the setting up of hybrid models, which combine different techniques to solve this type of problem.

Keywords: forest management; operational research; multi-criteria decision making; biodiversity; strategic planning.

Full text available at http://www.mdpi.com/1999-4907/7/10/229/pdf

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